• Model Glasses INNOVATION Presciption w/4pr lenses, cleaning cloth and carry case & neck strap RRP$89.95

INNOVATION Prescription Frames 

Do you have to wear prescription glasses? Fed up with seeing your buddies turn up at the field with great looking and practical glasses you just can't wear? We have the answer in the form of these stylish prescription model flying sunglasses, which have been especially developed for radio control model use. 

At the heart of the design is a polycarbonate frame that houses your prescription lenses; this clips onto a main frame, which in turn houses the colored shades that simply clip on to a hinged section. These hinges allow you to temporarily turn up the outer lenses in order to closely inspect a model in the pits etc. 

The de-centered, scratch resistant lenses have been optically balanced to negate the effects their curvature would otherwise have on your vision. Conforming to US ANSI Z80.3 plus British and European safety standard EN1836, our sunglasses are shatterproof, and offer great protection against flying debris should you suffer a mishap. All of our glasses carry the CE (European Union standard) compliance mark. 

The interchangeable lenses are: yellow (category 1) low light - these actually enhance light and contrast; beige (category 2) average sunlight; smoked mirror (category 3) bright sunlight; dark smoked (category 4), very bright conditions. 

The glasses come with the interchangeable lenses, a cleaning cloth and a superb carry case with belt clip. All frames and the carry case display our 'Model Glasses' logo. 

WILL THEY WORK FOR ME? - If you have a prescription (SPH) requirement that's less than plus or minus 4.00, our glasses will work just fine for you. Stronger prescriptions can cause distortion, due to the curvature of the tinted lenses when placed in front of the flat prescription clip. The de-centering calibration loses its effect where stronger prescriptions are required. If you have a requirement greater than plus or minus 4, please do not buy these glasses. Bi-focal, vari focals and prismatic lenses can be added - if in doubt, please consult your optician for advice.

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Model Glasses INNOVATION Presciption w/4pr lenses, cleaning cloth and carry case & neck strap RRP$89.95