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Spada basic information:

Spada GoFast 3M: I designed he Spada to be the follow on to the Redshift F3f which was modestly successful but with experience still needed some development. So, taking the useful feedback from the top pilots who flew the original plane, I designed the Spada racer. This is a slimmer, lighter, stronger, bottom-loading version of the Redshift F3f - but it’s so much more than just a solo racing airframe. Now with a few more new improvements from the original design spec, like harder layups and a double sine wave spar as standard - while the new super light Aeroic carbon tissue skinned tailplanes help to keep the model robust. Test flying was conducted in the USA by Aeroic Test Pilot, Red Jensen and the model is really fulfilling its GoFast designation. Its faster overall, accelerates instantly, turns tighter and has more energy retention potential than any model I have ever designed. In short, it’s a pure-bred racing plane.
With its optimized Optimum Lift Distribution (ODR) planform and low drag/High response aerofoil set, the Spada really snaps. Built to withstand the rigors of F3f or MOM racing, Spada is fast, agile, easy to fly and generally operate, with no bad habits plus being really stable under flaps and easy to land.

Construction: GFK/CFK Hybrid (Aeroic)
Wings: Carbon with Aeroic Sine Wave Spar - SS version has a double carbon/double ASWS
Fuse: Strong Carbon/Kevlar Reinforced Glass (2.4Ghz friendly)
Tailplanes – carbon tissue skinned.


Span: 3.0M (118”)
Length: 1.495M (58.8”)
Wing area: 42.98Dm/2 (666.19” Sq)
Tail area: 5.8Dm/2 (99.9” Sq)
Total area: 53.8 Dm/2 (833.9” Sq)
Wing Loading at 4Kg (8,8 Lb) AUW 74.39g/Dm/2
Aspect ratio: 19:1
Wing aerofoils: JH3580, JH3575, JH3570
Designer: Dr. James D. Hammond


Models general layups information:

All Aeroic models feature Sine Wave Spar (ASWS) and carbon tissue tailplanes:

L = Light – Mostly glass fibre layup with carbon tissue wings and tailplanes with some carbon and Kevlar reinforcement.
S = Sports – single carbon wing and fuselage with carbon tissue tailplanes and Kevlar fuselage front.
SS = Super sports – double carbon wing and carbon fuselage and double ASWS with carbon tissue tailplanes and Kevlar fuselage front.

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Spada GO fast 118" Sport build NASA design by Aeroic